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My name is River (she/her)

I grew up multiracial (Black, Korean, and white) and bisexual in Iowa—a place where I felt like not many people looked like me, loved like me, or understood me. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, determined to become more authentically myself.


I would describe my therapeutic style as casual, collaborative, creative, pragmatic, warm, authentic, humorous, empowering and supportive, but I would encourage you to trust your own experience.


I am body, sex/sex worker, ethical non-monogamy, and kink positive and I embrace a Health at Every Size perspective. I reserve a portion of my caseload for working with Black femmes to increase access to Black mental health care. 

Some of the specializations and most common populations I serve include: 

-LGBTQIA2S+ folks

-POC with slots reserved for Black femmes.

-Couples therapy

-OCPD and perfectionism 

-interpersonal relationships and communication, boundaries, and assertiveness

-ADHD, low self-esteem/confidence, anxiety, habit formation

-identity strengthening/discovery

-religious trauma 


I have always been a book nerd, but life is not always as well-defined as a novel. We often find ourselves in situations and relationships that turned out to be messier and more complex than we expected them to be. I am here to help you navigate life’s many difficult situations and your feelings and thoughts about them. We will come up with a plan together that is unique to you and your relationships to get you closer to where you want to be.

When I am not doing therapy, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, hanging out with my best friends watching drag race, trying out places to eat with my partner, or fending off my two spoiled cats. I like stand-up comedy, true crime/cult documentaries, jigsaw puzzles, skirts with deep pockets, and watching trash tv.​​​​

River: About Me

My Education and Experience

BA in Family Services and Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa- 2015

MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University- 2022

I completed my clinical internship working at an LGBTQIA+ affirmative private therapy practice and have experience working with individuals, partners, and families who are LGBTQ2IA+, non-monogamous, and BIPOC. 

My current supervisors are: 

Wonyoung Cho, phD, LMFT, OR #T-1701

Chelsea Bates, phD, LMFT, WA #LF 60538332

River: Credentials
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