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My name is River (she/her)


I grew up multiracial (Black, Korean, and white) and bisexual in Iowa—a place where I felt like not many people looked like me, loved like me, or understood me. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, determined to forge my own path and become more authentically myself.

I would describe my therapeutic style as casual, collaborative, creative, pragmatic, warm, authentic, humorous, empowering and supportive, but I would encourage you to trust your own experience of me. 

I work systemically in therapy, meaning that I will often explore how relationships, culture, and other systems impact your well-being  and health and vice versa. I am also body, sex, ethical non-monogamy, and kink positive and I embrace a Health at Every Size perspective. I not only believe that Black Lives Matter, I embody it. I reserve a portion of my caseload for working with Black women to increase access to Black mental health care. 

I have always been a book nerd, but life is not always as well-defined as a novel. We often find ourselves in situations and relationships that turned out to be messier and more complex than we expected them to be and that is completely okay. I am here to help you navigate life’s many difficult situations and your feelings and thoughts about them. We will come up with a plan together that is unique to you and your relationships to get you closer to where you want to be.

When I am not in the therapy room I can usually be found with my nose in a book, hanging out with my best friends watching drag race, trying out places to eat with my partner, or fending off my two spoiled cats. I like stand-up comedy, true crime and psychology podcasts, skirts with deep pockets, cycling, meditating, and watching I Love Lucy or RuPaul’s drag race.

Education & Experience: 

BA in Family Services and Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa- 2015

MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University- 2022

I completed my clinical internship working at an LGBTQIA+ affirmative private therapy practice and have experience working with individuals, partners, and families who are LGBTQ2IA+, non-monogamous, and BIPOC. 

My current supervisors are: 

Wonyoung Cho, phD, LMFT, OR #T-1701

Chelsea Bates, phD, LMFT, WA #LF 60538332

Team Members: About Me


My name is Tehya (they/them/theirs)

Healing isn’t something we’re meant to do alone. 

Together we can create the space you need. As a mixed race, queer, trans, and neuroqueer therapist, I strive to make therapy centered in uplifting and celebrating the strength of our collective resistance. I specialize in working with mixed and monoracial clients of color and individuals, families, and relationship systems exploring identity and culture, healing trauma, affirming neurodiversity, and carving out a life in the gray areas in between. My work is relational and systemic, drawing from attachment theory, affirmative therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work, and Narrative theory. I have personal and clinical experience navigating non-monogamous relationships. 

I work to affirm and celebrate you and the relationships that create movement and growth in your life. I want to work in service of healing the beliefs that shrink the vastness of our identities and desires. We belong to and among the living beings on this earth and our investment in collective healing creates a ripple effect of possibility. Together we can build a better world. 

Tehya is a registered associate marriage and family therapist in the states of Oregon and Washington. They are clinically supervised by Dr. Pilar Hernandez Wolfe, LMFT and Dr. Chelsea Bates, LMFT. Due to licensing requirements, all clients must be located in the states of Oregon and Washington. 

Team Members: About Me
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